At New Acropolis, philosophy and volunteering go hand in hand. To volunteer is to express the best of oneself.  We actively encourage people of all ages to become involved in one of our community projects which include park cleaning, food drives, environmental education, reforestation, campaigns for cultural understanding and unity, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief. 

We are a group of volunteers who aim to improve the metro-Atlanta community through active, efficient and meaningful volunteer projects that help our fellow citizens right here in our community.

Volunteering is a natural response to Thoughtful Living (sustainability, goodness and wisdom) and Bold Ideas (integrity, authenticity, generosity).

Atlanta Acts of Kindness is the volunteering component of New Acropolis of Atlanta, a volunteer-run center for philosophy, culture and volunteering, located at 409 Mead Rd. Unit 4 in Decatur (Oakhurst Village Square).


As we grow and continue to take on new volunteer projects, we are asking for support towards materials needed for our activities.  If you would like to contribute, please click link below!